Movie and TV soundtrack and score music. Music Makes Pictures

music makes pictures
We custom write music for Movie
soundtracks, commercials, web videos,
Candidate videos, and, well,
pretty much anything you need
a song for.
Call us today to talk about your
project! We are eager to talk
about your needs and get started
writing and recording for you!
Call us at (270) 753-7050 or

1. Another Chance

2. Come On Demo

3. Shoulda Fed My Dog Demo

4. Getaway Demo

5. Last Goodbye Demo

6. Run Run Run Demo

We have provided music for multiple movies and TV shows, and we would like to talk to you about your project.. We can write music for a
simple background music and structure it to fit your scene, whether action, sad, love story, horror, or whatever the genre. We have most instruments and
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